A Defense of Academia: Why Reading Matters

Over the past year I have, out of instinctive habit, established a status quo of researching any idea I have a concern about. Every great essayist, past and present, has taught me that your own ideas aren’t enough to persuade people towards your opinion. Processing the efforts of others, in agreement and disagreement and neutral puzzling-out, is what elevates a discussion from casual to critical. Criticism basks in the glow of research, and better critics are almost inevitably marked by how much more they have read, and how much better they approach their studies. It’s a profession like any other – the harder you work, the more credit you deserve.

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Mayoiga and the Postmodernist Problem

Mayoiga is easily the most-discussed show of the season. Yet, some people want to close down those discussions, arguing that no show that’s ‘badly written’ can be anything but bad, and nothing further than that. But is this right?

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