Impressions: Winter 2016, Weeks Twelve & Thirteen

It’s the end! Some shows lost their way; some were never going to recover. But it’s still been an enjoyable season overall.

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Impressions: Winter 2016, Week Eleven

This week: Satoru gets emotional over these Impressions getting posted on schedule this week. That and some stuff about Kayo.

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Brevity is Power: Why Another Cour Won’t Make It Better

Journalism teaches you one thing fast; you’ve been saying too much. Stop. Cut the crap. Doesn’t that make for a more exciting read?

Yet, the standard style for an anime review online is overburdened with length. Paragraphs are used to explain what should be put in a sentence; the same thoughts are repeated in different words, or different buzzwords. This blog too used to pride itself on its ‘long sentences’, but that About page needs an update. Anime reviewing needs an update. Doing something for longer, unless you keep up a flow of new ideas, material and engaging stylistic features, naturally makes your prose less powerful.

The same goes for the shows you’re reviewing.

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