Impressions! Spring 2016, Week Eleven

Damn this post is late, but at least my first year of university is over now! Exams out of the way, all that remains to test is the quality of this season as it draws to a close.

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Misundersandings of the Irrational Fortress

Of all the prejudices being thrown around this season, I’ve never been able to understand why many have rendered Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress as ‘dumb’. An easy criticism keeps coming up, that when we’ve got zombies and characters acting irrationally, we’re got a poorly-written show. Not only does this miss the point of how irrationality is used in fiction; it ignores the context of every ‘irrational’ event that happens. Foolishness is in fact a massive part of what makes Kabaneri such a potentially engaging show.

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Impressions! Spring 2016, Week Ten

Realizations of how little I’ve prepared for my exams are piling in faster than a bloodthirsty horde of Kabane. But on the plus side, even if I forget how to talk about Beowulf, some of the shows coming to an end this season are proving to be unforgettable.

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Impressions! Spring 2016, Week Seven

Halfway through this season, and I’m halfway doing 10% of the revision I should be doing for my prelims. But hey, anime’s always calling. If only I could write my essays on it.

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Impressions! Spring 2016, Week Six

Some great developments this week for everything I’m watching! Boku no Hero and Kiznaiver are rewarding viewers with a good memory for little plot points you’d think would have been forgotten, and Flying Witch reminds us of how important our imagination is as we watch our way through all these shows.

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