Dear Anime Fans: Funimation is Not Your Friend

There should be nothing more important to fans of anime than being respectful to its creators.

Sure, anime is the product of much more than Japan: the international market has a substantial effect on what gets made, and many creators of anime and its source materials get inspired by media from all around the world. More and more people who aren’t native to Japan are getting involved in its production. But when your job is to translate a Japanese script into English so that Western voice actors can perform the story in their native language, it should be important to preserve as much of the original work as possible. A translation should not be taken as an opportunity to shoehorn your own ideas and politics into a work; you can end up giving the impression that your political views were in the story to begin with.

We should be able to agree that dub writers should not be taking advantage of the language barrier around anime in order to distribute their own opinions. Owing to that, we should be drawing more attention to Funimation’s penchant for doing exactly this. Continue reading Dear Anime Fans: Funimation is Not Your Friend

From Dubs to Subs: the Evolution of a Western Otaku

As much as I can rely on anime as an ice-breaker, one topic is doomed to freeze over any conversation with most of my anime-watching friends. One of two words will spark it off, and the rest will be a long catalogue of indirect abuse, worn out ideologies and worn out faces as a few of us try to get back to talking about what we love.

We’re talking about ‘subs’ and ‘dubs’.

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