Gakkou Gurashi! – 02

As stunning as last episode’s ending was, life goes on for Yuki and the School Living Society. A test of courage through the lower school leads our daydreaming heroine into moral danger, while Kurumi wrestles night and day with an unsettling past.

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Charlotte – 02

Good grief, Maeda sure can pack a lot into twenty minutes. With Takajou causing mass destruction in the cafeteria, Tomori leading the hunt for a pervy power-user and a delve into the class president’s tragic past, there was something for everyone in this week’s episode (even if you’re just watching it to play Jun Maeda bingo).

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Durarara!!x2 Ten – 01 or 13 or Whatever

Izaya’s alive! But his hospitalization means one thing for the rest of the cast – time to have a ‘peaceful day’. Recovering from the events of Shou and with no megalomaniac trying to stir things up, our characters can start the new cour by appretiating some reflective time to themselves.

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Charlotte – 01

Yuu thinks his elitist, sociopathic view of life will help him get all the grades – and the girl – thanks to his ability to possess people for five seconds at a time, but it isn’t long before he’s called out for cheating his way to the top by a pair of similarly super-powered students. Now he has to bid farewell to the world he’s mistreated and accept his new life as one of the many other gifted students at Hoshinoumi Academy.

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Classroom☆Crisis – 01

What starts as the expected arrival of a new transfer student quickly evolves into a kidnapping, a budget-busting rescue mission and the student-turned-kidnapee revealing himself as the cause for the real crisis – Kaito’s classroom, under his authority, is going to be downsized.

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My Spring 2015 Highlights

In the midst of getting ready for the exciting summer of anime this year, the shows I’ve been watching this past season have made me wish I’d started this blog a lot sooner. I’d have loved to do episode-by-episode reviews of a number of them right off the bat. But alas, I began this blog in the middle of spring and didn’t want half a series reviewed. I stuck with (sometimes unnecessarily long) editorials instead, which has helped me get into the aniblogging groove before summer 2015 starts. And now here I am, looking back at the highs and lows of the first season I’ve ever been so connected to, both to the shows and the communities around them.

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Why I Won’t Remember Plastic Memories

I’m not sure whether to count this as an actual ‘review’ of Plastic Memories or just my thoughts on why I seem to disagree with every fan of the series I come across online as far as how effective the finale was at finishing off what had already been an incredibly hit-and-miss series. I’m no different to the next anime fan who enjoys a good weepy time with moe girls, and I won’t deny that the climax of PlaMemo left me with a slightly damper face. But after the feels, the credits and the obligatory epilogue, I was left with one resounding feeling overall:

I’m not going to remember this show.

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Why Angel Beats! Rocks (Even If It’s Too Short)

With the new Angel Beats! special episode released yesterday (I could drool all over it in a review, but I’d run out of saliva) and the VN having likely already come out by the time you’re reading this, I think it’s time I talked about my favourite anime that I’ve ever seen, in both sub and dub, on a laptop screen and on a TV. It may not be the ‘best’ anime – if you can somehow find a way to give something such a title – but I’ve always been one of those people who have done more than just love it. Yet, many people criticise it for one main ‘flaw’, which is usually phrased one way or another in any discussion on the show I encounter: it’s too short.

Has anyone considered that Angel Beats’ brevity may in fact be one of its most important features?

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Falling in Love With the Future

It’s been a while since my last post – seems post-exam stress hits you harder than the worries you get before. But the lack of exams has also meant I can watch more anime, to the point that I finished my first ever binge-watch today: the entire series of Ano Natsu de Matteru. A brisk, poignant, well-orchestrated romance that might not be on every otaku’s radar. Aside from some unnecessary overuse of sexually-charged scenes to demonstrate the awkwardness of certain characters and situations, I enjoyed everything it had to offer. It was hardly a sci-fi masterpiece like Eve no Jikan was, but it was primarily a romance, and it excelled in that field.

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To Yuri or not to Yuri, that is the Euphonium

I’ve been wondering about something after reading this article; there’s been a lot of talk on the current issue of ‘Yuri Bait’ in Hibike!, and I’d like to share my thoughts on it as the next episode nears.

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Hyouka is Boring, and That’s a Good Thing

If you’re telling a story about boredom, how do you make it interesting?

The obvious answer is that it’s all in how you tell it. But Hyouka goes one step further, using the structure of the series as a device to further the effect of its fascinating protagonist and his development over the series.

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What China Missed (and Why It Matters)

Specific censorship is nothing new or strange when it comes to China – only a few years ago they were banning films with time-travel. Continue reading What China Missed (and Why It Matters)

From Dubs to Subs: the Evolution of a Western Otaku

As much as I can rely on anime as an ice-breaker, one topic is doomed to freeze over any conversation with most of my anime-watching friends. One of two words will spark it off, and the rest will be a long catalogue of indirect abuse, worn out ideologies and worn out faces as a few of us try to get back to talking about what we love.

We’re talking about ‘subs’ and ‘dubs’.

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Shingeki no Originality (or Why I Gave Up With ‘Seraph of the End’)

I watched the first episode thinking it would be the new ride of my life; I left after the third.

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This is what happens when you have far too much free time

So yeah, I started a blog. Seeing how hard it was to try to be myself on over-moderated forums like animenewsnetwork’s, it seemed best to make my own space and just dump stuff there. I’m not that bothered if no-one reads it, though I’ll be really happy if anyone does. ^^

Too bad I’m mid-season with a bunch of shows right now. I’ll probably be posting some meaningless essays and editorials until the summer season begins; then I can start doing episode-by-episode reviews. If only Shia Labeouf had motivated me* to start this blog sooner.

Hope you enjoy whatever follows this intro!

*If you’re reading this in the year 3015, Google it