Charlotte – 03

Another day, another pubescent power – or how about two? As the Student Council track down Yusarin, an idol occasionally inhabited with the spirit of her less-than-cheerful dead sister who also happens to be able to set things on fire, they end up not only protecting her future, but that of a friend as well.

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Gakkou Gurashi! – 02

As stunning as last episode’s ending was, life goes on for Yuki and the School Living Society. A test of courage through the lower school leads our daydreaming heroine into moral danger, while Kurumi wrestles night and day with an unsettling past.

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Charlotte – 02

Good grief, Maeda sure can pack a lot into twenty minutes. With Takajou causing mass destruction in the cafeteria, Tomori leading the hunt for a pervy power-user and a delve into the class president’s tragic past, there was something for everyone in this week’s episode (even if you’re just watching it to play Jun Maeda bingo).

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Durarara!!x2 Ten – 01 or 13 or Whatever

Izaya’s alive! But his hospitalization means one thing for the rest of the cast – time to have a ‘peaceful day’. Recovering from the events of Shou and with no megalomaniac trying to stir things up, our characters can start the new cour by appretiating some reflective time to themselves.

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Charlotte – 01

Yuu thinks his elitist, sociopathic view of life will help him get all the grades – and the girl – thanks to his ability to possess people for five seconds at a time, but it isn’t long before he’s called out for cheating his way to the top by a pair of similarly super-powered students. Now he has to bid farewell to the world he’s mistreated and accept his new life as one of the many other gifted students at Hoshinoumi Academy.

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Classroom☆Crisis – 01

What starts as the expected arrival of a new transfer student quickly evolves into a kidnapping, a budget-busting rescue mission and the student-turned-kidnapee revealing himself as the cause for the real crisis – Kaito’s classroom, under his authority, is going to be downsized.

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