About this site

Welcome to Unnecessary Exclamation Mark!!

You can call me ‘JekoJeko’, or just ‘Jeko’, or really anything you like. ‘Loliconnoiseur’ has a nice ring to it.

When this site began in the summer of 2015, it was one of those average anime blogs – weekly reviews, random editorials about topics lies ‘subs vs dubs’, you know the drill. But as I’ve gotten more and more into studying and discussing taboo and controversial media, UEM! has become much more focused on that too.

You’ll rarely see reviews on this site, but you will see frequent articles about the weirder aspects of anime and otaku culture. No subject is off-limits: the more people think it’s off-limits, the more likely I’ll write about it.

If you like what you see, please consider supporting the site via Patreon, so it can one day grow into something like a Youtube channel, or an 800-year-old loli. With a Youtube channel.


43 thoughts on “About this site”

  1. That is pretty interesting, to talk about anime with a Christian perspective. I am a Christian myself and watching anime is personal hobby. I can’t wait for more posts about Christianity and anime.

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  2. Interesting blog you have here. As someone who also enjoys watching anime as a hobby, I think that a lot of anime possess vast amount of content that serves as grounds for so much discussion. It’s great to find someone who has a similar perspective (or should I say, faith) discuss about these.

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    1. No, wait – I forgot that I can still accept awards that I haven’t received yet (I just don’t have the time to respond to multiple nominations). Apologies! I’ll get round to responding to this soon. :)

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    1. Thanks lynlyn! I’ll include your nomination in the post when I get round to making it; fortunately this award doesn’t have different questions per nomination, so I ought to be able to just compile the two nominations (or more, haven’t been keeping track of these things xD) I’ve recieved into one response. :)

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  3. I just wanted to say thank you, your comments on GATE have really changed the way I view anime and have made it more interesting.


  4. Just discovered your site, and I’m very interested! I have a Christian anime blog as well, and would love to work with you and your long sentences in the future!

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