About those Impressions

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d have probably notice that I’m behind on weekly Impressions. Close to two weeks behind now.

While previous and similar lapses have been due to illness, the problem I’m facing this week, after promising to catch up in the most recent Impressions post, isn’t that I’m ill. It’s not that I lack the motivation to blog or watch anime either; in a couple of days I cranked out a 5000 word article on my issues with The Mary Sue’s approach to anime. That was last week, and it got me thinking: I want to do more of that.

And that got me thinking about how little value I feel is in these weekly Impressions posts.

Impressions were something I picked up as an ideal: a way of shadowing the great work of blogs like RandomC and ANN’s coverage of each season. A way of encouraging myself to reflect in-depth about every episode of everything I’ve watched. I’ve lately been finding a disconnect, however, between having such thoughts and wanting to distill them down to a few paragraphs for a weekly ‘Impression’. I feel that they do hardly any work towards creating the kinds of discussions the shows deserve to have; far, far less than what the articles I only occasionally write accomplish.

Add to that the desire once again for the freedom to fall behind on a show if I don’t feel like watching it one week, and I’m struggling to see a reason to keep this diary-of-sorts going. To those who have followed the Impressions and enjoyed them week to week, you have my thanks. But I want to shift this blog more and more towards long-form content. The regularity of an article a week at the least. Semi-academic anime journalism.

That being said, I still want to write up something every now and then on what I’m watching and whether I’m liking it. Impressions posts are going to be reduced to being more of a monthly thing. I’ll give First Impressions as the season starts, around the mid-season mark, and as the season comes to a close. This will free up more time to work on exciting, innovative content for this blog, and will help make long-form content to foreground of my output, and not something that sits to the side. It’ll also help me focus on more holistic ideas as I watch certain shows, ideas that can translate more readily into long-form article on awesome topics.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if you were expecting some Impressions today. I’ll be getting to work on something longer and more thought-provoking instead!

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4 thoughts on “About those Impressions”

  1. I struggle with weighing the worthwhile values of impression posts as well and while it’s nice to be adding something to the ‘current conversation’ the style of writing feels so dependent on the episodes being provocative or even good a lot of the time. A lot of what you say I think speaks directly to the writer’s issues with those kinds of posts which I see reflected in my own experimentation and frustration with them.

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