Impressions! Spring 2016, Week Five

Shounen protagonists want to be the greatest and save the world, but I’m more like Makato, just wanting to get by and breathe in my academic life and this great season of anime along with it.

This week, victories for our heroes, but more trouble for our Kiznaivers. And Rusian sees more than just success…

Boku no Hero Academia

Deku has to be selfless in sacrificing his strength after saving a life. But the show around him is getting pretty self-conscious; it chuckles at ‘deep’ speeches, and transforms its school away from the dull places of discipline Shounen shows escape from and into the free and exciting world we long to inhabit as heroes.

With All Might mirroring his mother’s words, it’s pretty confirmed that we should see him as a father figure. Because where exactly is Deku’s father?

In the end, recklessness is trumped by ‘control’, and we’ve already seen how a reckless hero can cause more trouble than they solve. Worrying about coming last place, already Deku is miles ahead of his rivals.


Katsuhira reaches out to Sonozaki. We realise how lonely she seems to be, and the irony of her running a shady experiment about bringing people together. Her faultiness when playing games begs one question; when will we get her self-introduction?

In bits and pieces, perhaps. She starts to spill the beans about how the Kiznaiver project began, and when it will end. But into the scene comes a new oddball – a bullet-spewing teacher who’s got her own Kiznaivers. Her switching from the arcade gun to a real rifle may be our signal for our cast no longer being free to fool around, if they ever were.

Maybe what follows will make the old trials seem like child’s-play.


We’ve had a lot of game-talk in real life. But in Ako’s room, it’s all about reality.

When things get dramatic they cut away from in-game chat and turn and talk to each other. When Ako’s ready to try school again, she’s seeing herself in her computer instead of the game. The change in lighting helped emphasise the passing of time too – as the day darkened, it became harder and harder to see Ako’s lifestyle as manageable

Even the cliche smutty encounter was treated with the real rather than the virtual – Ako thought Rusian wanted to do physical, sexual things with her. But props to Rusian knowing how to get Ako to get out of her bubble. He could have abandoned her like the rest. Instead, he saw her in her underwear.

Flying Witch

Our fortune-teller starts buried beneath the season, remorseful for what she thinks her friend did to her. By the end she’s flying above it, like a witch should.

It turns out memory places the blame on others more than on yourself. It’s not a good attitude for a witch to have; they’re responsible for the well-being of others, and should be mindful of their own role in everything.

Makato’s spell failing was the funnest moment of the show so far.Kei’s fear of the haunted maze was a hoot as well, and added a great flair to his character. Flying witch knows deadpan comedy like no other show this season.


When this story gets up to speed, the action is mesmerizing. Kurusu’s sword breaking against the heart of the Wazatori gathered every worry about the will of the bushi failing against the Kabane in one incredible reversal of fortune. And Mumei – a Kabaneri – was familiar with its name and abilities when no-one else was.

We knew only Ikoma could kill it, but the build-up was insane, and the pay-off all the more incredible. Ayame forging a contract with him, and with the Kabaneri in turn, marks her as the future of the bushi.  Kurusu’s sword-fighting, inspired by the Kabaneri, works likewise. It’s not traditions that bring you victory. It’s harnessing the new, the chaotic, dangerous, for the sake of solidarity.

Ikoma mocking the Wazatori in Mumei’s words also connected the Kabaneri securely together. But will they always be fighting side-by-side? What if we meet one that has a different plan for the human race – one that sides with the Kabane?


  • Space Patrol Luluco. She just wants a normal life, but her parents wouldn’t give her one with their fighting. But with Nova, will she eventually find a happier union?
  • (still really need to pick up another short. Any recommendations?)

That’s all for this week! See you next time!

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