UEM! Has Returned!

I’ve missed this.

My first term at Oxford is over, and I’ve been recovering (read: not doing any work and getting addicted to Hearthstone) for the past few weeks. It feels like the break has lowered my academic Crime Coefficient – my ability to murder good sleeping habits by getting behind on work, for instance – because I didn’t want to return to this until I could feel I could get back in the zone of watching anime, talking about anime, and not worrying that an Enforcer would find me unstable enough and take lethal action.

Do those references sound psycho? Pass. But really, I relate a lot right now with Akane. When she first had to deal with how the law really worked in her line of work, it was an incredible conflict of interests, but also a great and simple sense of revulsion. I honestly feel the same way about university, though not the academic side of it. One of the biggest things that shakes you up when stepping into the next chapter of your life is coping (or failing to cope) with how other people at that stage behave and how you lead yourself, consequentially and regardless. I’ve often found myself accepting more than I should have accepted; morality and ethics become increasingly blurry the more people and situations you have to test them against.

So I’m return to aniblogging, not only to pick up from where I left off – commenting on the current season, writing articles about shows I like and linking them to Christianity – but also to find further ways of anatomizing anime to give my readers clear ideas and examples of the kinds of truths, questions and challenges we can find in the shows we watch, because exploring those truths helps me a lot with the struggles and big issues I regularly find myself tackling. With that in mind:

  1. Rather than review a couple of shows during the upcoming season, I plan to watch more broadly and comment just as broadly on each week’s offerings. Doing episodic reviews for Gakkou Gurashi! and Charlotte was great, but now I want to offer food for thought through anything I find interesting from what I watch. This will be done in a ‘Weekly Impressions’ feature, which will be fittingly once per week, on a Saturday, once the new season starts.
  2. Christianime will return as a bi-weekly feature, though I think I want to make shorter articles (the ones before were gigantic) which are more structured and direct. The formatting of them will definitely change, and if I stumble upon something to write that would end up becoming a post as large as the Christianime post of UEM!’s previous era were, it’ll probably get divided into two standalone but connected parts. The feature will run on the 1st and 3rd Sunday (fittingly) of every month, starting in January.
  3. A new feature will launch to alternate with Christianime. That is, a Sunday feature for the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month). I already know exactly what it’ll be and how it’ll work, but I won’t give any more information yet because that’s fun.
  4. I’m going to clean up this blog to remove a few personal/responsive posts I’ve made over this year. I probably will also refrain from going overly in-depth (as I used to) in the critiques I make in other blogs’ comment sections, mostly because I don’t have the time to run those kinds of conversations any more. I want UEM! to look, feel and run like a well-oiled machine, and I want to run that way myself. With that in mind:
  5. I might try to find a way of separating ‘old UEM!’ posts from ‘new UEM!’ posts. It would feel more organized to place the blog’s previous content in a way that marks it as a different era. I’m also going to delete any non-anime-related posts that aren’t updates They belong to an era that never even existed.
  6. There’ll be a few other tweaks to formatting, approach, etc. that you’ll notice, and hopefully enjoy, as the blog recommences.

On top of all this, I’m incredibly thankful to Beneath the Tangles for welcoming me back so appreciatively. I was honoured to have my Christianime articles frequently included in their ‘Something More’ posts, and I’m sad to hear the feature is going away for a while (and potentially forever ;_;). The articles they linked were always a great example of how great the Christian aniblogging community is. We form our own Church between our separate URLs, turning the false idol that anime could be into a tool for taking our Christianity further, and working together towards that unique and wonderful goal.

There isn’t much more to say, so I’ll make like Menma and fade out of this post, albeit without all the tears and being dead and all that. Thanks for reading!


Current theme music: Saiya – Remote Control


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