The Future of UEM!

Hi there!

It’s been quite ride keeping this blog going over the summer. Though I started by biting off more than I could chew – ending up dropping a couple of my weekly episode reviews, and eventually my Christianime feature (as you may have noticed) too – being on the blogosphere has always been about a lot more than the content I’ve put on my own blog. It’s great to know that many people have read and enjoyed my episode reviews, and I always enjoyed writing them., but the most fun I’ve had over the summer has been immersing myself in and interacting with everyone else who makes the awesome effort to share their opinions online; even though I criticise people a lot, I’m only ever blunt and cutting with what I say because I care about the opinion I’m challenging – else I’d just ignore it. Still, apologies if I’ve trod on any toes. Everything I’ve taken away from blogging has far outweighed the few instances when I haven’t gotten on another blogger, and even those less pleasant exchanges have taught me a lot about blogging, anime and being a good critic. I hope I’ve done some good for other bloggers too!

As well as my Christianime feature disappearing due to pre-uni workload constraints, you may have also noticed that I haven’t put up anything along the lines of ‘My Summer 2015 Impressions’ or what I’m watching in the Autumn. The short answer to the first one is that I haven’t really watched enough series this summer to make an overall view of the season worthwhile. You’ll know from my episode reviews that I loved Gakkou Gurashi! to death and thought Charlotte was a cacophony towards the end; I also enjoyed GATE, probably because I don’t care about politics and I don’t think the show does either, and Sore ga Seiyuu was the surprise hit of the season. Durarara!! was as fun as it always was, though I never felt the desire to pick up Classroom Crisis after my interest in it plummeted (even though I said I’d still watch it). A bunch of other shows couldn’t keep my interest past the first episode. I do however plan to watch Non Non Biyori Repeat once I’m done with the first season; it’s exactly the kind of thoughtful slice-of life I adore.

Regarding the second question, that ties into the main purpose of this post. I’m taking a break from blogging. It’s roughly associated with taking a break from following new anime as well; though some of the shows this season have caught my attention, I don’t want to be burdened with scheduled watching and reviews as university gets into full swing. I need a blank slate to both get stuck-in with Oxford life and to be able to take from my studies an education that I can return to this blog with and enrich my criticism even more.

To be honest, my dream would be to meet someone at Oxford who I could drag invite onto this blog; I’m sure I could manage a couple of posts a week (an episode review & a feature) if I had a partner doing the same thing – in fact, it would be awesome if UEM! could get more and more student writers and transform into a fully-fledged student anime blog. I’ve had that vision since I started, and a break from blogging so I can get to know some potential bloggers is a must. But of course, I’ll still return to here even if I can’t kidnap persuade people to join.

Also, apologies for never getting round to doing those award posts for however many thousands of nominations I’ve probably accumulated by now. I said some time ago that I’d limit my responses to them to awards that I hadn’t yet received, but I didn’t even manage those. I’ll certainly make time to catch up on them once the blog is in full swing again and my reading list isn’t choking me to death.

UEM! will hopefully recommence operations after the autumn season. The site is due some reorganisation, maybe even a makeover, and definitely a clean-up of some old content that is no longer relevant to the blog’s current focus. I’ll probably be flitting around the blogosphere less too, so expect less of that guy who gives critiques of your opinions with too many long words. I’ll certainly do my best to resurrect the Christianime feature once I return, though I may change the approach and format in order to make the posts more straightforward to compose (and less convoluted to read). Of course, chance may have it that I get to know a more prolific blogger and hop over to their abode instead. But my intent is to stay and build UEM! more and more into a critical Christian anime blog with a voice for detailed (though still unnecessary) opinions.

On Monday, like the School Living Club at the end of Gakkou Gurashi!, I’ll be packing my things and speeding away into a new life. So until we meet again, for helping to grow UEM! and its over-opinionated writer with every view, like and comment, doumo arigatou gozaimasu!



4 thoughts on “The Future of UEM!”

  1. Oxford, wow. That’s intense. I await the day you make your stunning reappearance and shock the entire blogosphere! Thank you for the memories and for spending the time to sit down and chat with a guy like myself. I’ve had a blast. Be good to yourself, and we’ll see you after your break! :)

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  2. I’m sorry to see you go, even if temporarily.

    It would be fantastic to see a true student blog arise from this, though. I’ve follow many, many blogs these last five years (literally hundreds), and only one was a student blog, but it was a very good one run by Emory University’s anime club (the blog has since closed). There’s a huge niche that needs to be filled here, I think.

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