Announcements! Updates! Things! (Future Prospects, Delayed Posts, Awards)

I’m ill again – hooray! No, wait, that’s not the thing I’m supposed to be cheering about.

The good news this week is that my grades have turned out just the way I hoped they would, which means I’ll be starting university at Oxford – to read English, and watch anime – in October! This does however mean that the blog will be changing its schedule a lot for the next season. I still hope to keep it running, but how it runs will be down to how plausible episode reviews will be during term-time. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to know some more over-opinionated anime fans who could join me here!

While I plan to keep Christianime afloat as long as this blog lives, I’ve had to give that feature an extra week’s holiday for now. Illness is a horrible constraint on my ability to write about Godly things in anime, and I don’t want to do the topics I’ve got lined up a disservice. Apologies if you actually did look forward to what I was going to write after I said last week to look forward to it – if this hasn’t damaged your trust in UEM! too much, look forward to it again I guess!

Episode reviews will be done as soon as possible – I hope to write Gakkou Gurashi!’s tomorrow as long as I feel at least slightly better.

There’s another thing I’ve been meaning to announce, so now’s as good a time as ever – due to time constraints, I can’t accept nominations for awards I’ve already received. I’ll have to go back and see which ones other than the Real Neat Blog and Sunshine awards I’ve been given, but I know that many people have nominated me for those two awards again. I really appreciate all the support and kind words (and free advertisement), but I unfortunately don’t have the time to respond to all the questions I’m given or make up new questions of my own each time. Nor do I want to only answer a few, because that feels unfair, or break the system in any way that also feels unfair on those who keep it. I think I’ll create a record somewhere of the number of nominations I’ve received for each award, and I’ll make sure to properly thank those who nominated me for any awards I’ve already previously recieved.

Apologies if you nominated me for something long ago and I’ve left it for so long – there’s been a lot of work, a lot of illnesses, and I’ll always be prioritising the primary content of this blog. I love the blog awards and what they promote, and I wish I could be a more active part of it.

As always, thank you for continuing to be a greater part of what makes UEM! matter; the attention this blog gets is steadily increasing, and it’s amazing to see my unnecessary thoughts and feelings about anime regularly enjoyed by all you awesome people.


5 thoughts on “Announcements! Updates! Things! (Future Prospects, Delayed Posts, Awards)”

  1. Congrats on your exams! :) Take your time with the posting, everybody’s got periods where they can’t do a whole lot of posting :)

    I heard Oxford has really short but intensely packed school terms but on the other hand, really long holidays so that should work out for you and your anime-watching schedule :D

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