Final Changes to Blogging Schedule

Due to some parts of my somehow-getting-through-this-ridiculous-Oxford-reading-list schedule needing a lot more time than I’d initially thought they would (it’s amazing how much bleaker the future looks after a little research), I’m unfortunately having to discontinue my coverage of Durarara!!x2 Ten as well as Classroom Crisis. Apologies for yet another reduction to this blog.

Part of the original issue with blogging it alongside Charlotte was that they both aired the same day, meaning my Durarara!! reviews would always come a day later than I’d want them to anyway. I’d also wanted to cover it because not many bloggers I knew were, but at the same time that’s meant that those reviews haven’t been viewed much in comparison to other shows I’ve blogged about. The show is definitely lower in priority than my other blogging commitments, so it unfortunately has to go. As with CC, I’ll still watch it and I’m sure I’ll love it. I’ll probably/hopefully end up writing an article or two about it as it progresses to make up for the lack of reviews that I’d otherwise want to write.

To recap, UEM! will currently run Christianime on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, Gakkou Gurashi reviews on Thursdays/Fridays (sometimes my internet doesn’t like me), and Charlotte reviews on Saturdays/Sundays (again, internet no likey).

Thank you all for your ongoing support, and I hope this final reduction to UEM!’s schedule will help the content that remains to be enriched with the time and energy a smaller workload will bless me with.

(also, I’ll probably make dropping shows a more regular thing if I continue to do episodic reviews in the next season, and a section for those I’ve dropped after a couple of reviews for some reason or another, be it the show or my own commitments. UEM! evolves from its setbacks!)


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