The Classroom’s Not the Only Thing With a Crisis

When I received an offer from Oxford University to read English, I was a little more scared than I was thrilled. I knew that I needed to secure my grades, and that I’d get a reading list over the summer in advance to knowing whether I had a place or not, making my vacation involve more work that I’d actually done to secure the offer I’d been given. Lo and behold, my college has sent me the reading list, and it’s huge. It’s ridiculous.

It’s a bit more important than this blog, to say the least.

But have no fear – it was goal in the beginning to have UEM! function while the books piled up. Episode reviews and the weekly Christianime feature will continue as normal, barring one small amendment; this blog will no longer be covering Classroom Crisis. I said I planned on keeping every show until the end of the season, but that was before I discovered my reading list was twice as large as I’d thought it would be.

I’m still going to watch CC, but three shows is a much better workload than four and something I can definitely manage alongside the hundreds of thousands of words I’ll be absorbing from now on each week. Apologies to those who were enjoying my write-ups – I know some people have been on the fence about the show and reading people’s thoughts on the opening few episodes can be useful in deciding whether you want to give it a go yourself. I won’t be completing a ‘three-episode test’ of reviews, but I can say that the show looks like it might be picking itself up after a shaky start, so I’ll keep going until it takes another nose-dive.

Thanks for all your support so far. I look forward to keeping the majority of this blog running while preparing for my book-filled future.


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